Gremsy S1V3 Firmware version 7.5.0 Official

Link to download :

What's new?

Control gimbal in the follow mode

  • Gimbal allows control in follow mode by using remote control or gSDK

Control gimbal with LightBridge 2 with DJI's Remote Control.

  • In Single mode
    • C1 button switch mode (LOCK -> FOLLOW -> MAPPING)
    • C2 button switch control between TILT and PAN axis.
    • C2 button press hold > 2 seconds. Turn off Gimbal.
  • In Dual Mode
    • C1 button switch mode (LOCK  FOLLOW  MAPPING)
    • C2 button press hold > 2 seconds. Turn off Gimbal.
  • Refer to:

Control gimbal with Herelink with Pixhawk Flight Controller.

Use S.Bus signal output from the Herelink for simultaneous control of Autopilot, Gimbal and camera as well.

  • In Single mode
    • Scroll wheel controls the TILT or PAN axis (Channel 10)
    • Top button (Right) controls the Gimbal mode including 3 states (Toggle PAN or TILT and Reset Position) (Channel 9)
    • C button controls zoom in for camera (Channel 14)
    • D button controls zoom out for camera (Channel 14)
    • Trigger Camera (Channel 7)

Go to home position when switching the gimbal mode automatically.

Control gimbal with gSDK.

  • Gremsy SDK to meet the requirements of those building solutions for various industrial applications.
  • Adjust the speed, smooth and direction control of each axis.
  • Adjust Data Transmission Rates of each message.

Control gimbal with Pixhawk.

  • Automated aiming of the camera at a Region of Interset or manual control through MAVLink message.

Detect errors when initialization.

  • Gimbal will dectect automatically when initialization and pop-up error on the new gTune with troubleshooting guide.

Start-up at random position.