Gremsy T3V3 Firmware version 7.5.9 Official

Link to download : T3V3 Firmware v7.5.9 Official

What's new?

In this firmware, the gyroscope will be calibrated automatically on startup.

When this feature is enabled, the gimbal automatically calibrates the gyroscope on startup. This process takes more time than before, but the gimbal's performance is better. Please do not touch the gimbal when the led indicator flashes white while it is being calibrated. If the calibration is failed, the led indicator shows yellow color. If the calibration is complete, the gimbal will start working properly.

If you want the gimbal to start up faster, you can disable this feature. Note that you should disable this feature if you need moderate image quality and fast boot times

Open gTune (version v1.4.6 or later) --> SETTINGS --> IMU --> GYRO -> GYRO CALIB AT STARTUP

Download gTune:


Auto-calibration of gyroscope at startup to improve the performance during operation.