1. Is it possible to control a Ronin by SYNC?

Yes, it’s possible. The videos below are something you can refer to.

2. Which Ronin series gimbal does SYNC support?

SYNC supports to control Ronin, Ronin M, Ronin MX and Ronin 2. 

3. SYNC and Ronin gimbal: Reverse Direction

Supported firmware: Sync for Ronin v3.0.2

You can reverse the direction of the Ronin gimbal by the Axis setting on the SYNC

4. How to calibrate Accel of SYNC?

Calibrating Accel Procedure

Step 1: Put the SYNC on the table, the display looks upward (check the pictures below), then go to Calib screen and select desired calibration. In this case, you should select Calib Accel.

Step 2: The SYNC will ask you to confirm that you understand the process and accept to calibrate the IMU offset. So, keep the SYNC stand still and hit Yes, then wait for few secs until the process is completed.

Step 3: Go back to select Calib Gyro and do the same process. Finally, power OFF -> ON the to reset the SYNC.