Gremsy T3 V2 uses its own firmware and is different from Gremsy T3. Please double check your T3 version by looking at the Roll axis.

What's new in firmware version 6.1.0?

Added :

  • Support Mavlink 2
  • Home position
  • Set home position
  • Mapping mode and custom mapping angle.
  • Lightbridge 2 operartor :
    + C1 on/off motor
    + C2 change mode
  • Pixhawk supported


Firmware :

Software :

Note : T3 V2 firmware 6.1.0 supports Mavlink 2 so please upgrade firmware via Gtune 1.3.3 or lower then switch to use Gtune 1.3.6.

In case you forget how to send the new firmware to your gimbal, please refer to this link: How to upgrade/downgrade Gremsy Gimbal Firmware?