Currently, all of most RC production has limited their devices and this leads to rotation of Tilt in angle mode has been limited also. If you want increase the working range, please follow steps below:

Step 1: Connect your RC to gimbal

- follow this article :   How to program Futaba T8FG radio to control gimbal

Step 2: Checking Tilt channel

- Setting -> Control -> Tilt


                                                                                                                           Pan control board

                                                                                                                           Tilt control board

- After checking Tilt channels, remember as it will be use in next step.

Step 3: Setting your transmister ( In this topic using Futaba T8FG)

- Linkage Menu -> End Point 


- In this option, you can see default channel values of production. This Values is not setting on max limit then we need to setup values channel we need ( In this topic, channel is 1 and 2 )

- Setup values channel until their has max limit ( Futaba 155 -140)

- After settings, test your gimbal again.