1. Connect the receiver to the SBUS port on Gimbal (Hyper quick release or roll axis).

  2. Configure channel  Futaba remote (Option). 
    Open menu the futaba remote
    1. AIL         J1
    2. ELE        J2
    3. THR        J3
    4. RUD        J4
    5. SPEED    SA
    6. MODE    SC
    NOTE: We custom to be compatible with our gimbals. You can arbitrary select the channels you want.

  3. Using the gTune to configure the SBUS channel

    • Connect the gimbal to the gTune app though USB port or the WIFI module.

    • Configure channels on gTune app:

      • MODE tab:
        RECOMMENDED: Select SC channel (Channel 6). The gimbal have 3 mode (OFF, LOCK, FOLLOW)

      • TILT, ROLL, PAN tab:
        TILT: Channel        2
        ROLL: Channel      4
        PAN: Channel        1

      • TILT SPEED, PAN SPEED: Channel SA (channel 5)

  4. How to control gimbal by using Futaba remote:
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Switch channel 6 to the middle of the switch (LOCK MODE)

    Short video: