What's new in firmware version 5.4.1 Official?

Fixed :

  • More stable for Lighbridge2.
  • More channel for PPM RC control.
  • Improving Performance of IMU and Canlink.

Added :

  • Tilt lock for Tilt control in Single operator
  • Lightbridge 2 operartor :
    + C1 on/off motor
    + C2 change mode

Repaired :

  • Checking the data form PPM RC control for removing fail data
  • Tilt angle mode : Transmitter value of 90 degree set at 600
  • Roll angle mode : Transmitter value of 45 degree set at 600


  • Airborne function.


In case you forget how to send the new firmware to your gimbal, please refer to this link: How to upgrade/downgrade Gremsy Gimbal Firmware?