Question 1: Is it possible to have a fixed zero yaw position?


  • It is a extensive feature and can be add on gimbal T series. Please, send a request to sales department.

Latest update : this feature is available on S series and T3 V2 right now, learn more at :

Firmware For T3 V2

Firmware For S1

Firmware For S1 V2

Question 2: Is it possible to command yaw and pitch and roll through DJI Canbus?


  • In the single operation mode: able to control tilt by using the dial button on master remote.
  • In the dual operation mode: with 2 remotes on job, be able to control all axes of Gremsy gimbal. 

                  Check out setup procedure on DJI FC Setup

Question 3: Is it possible to receive position information of the gimbal through DJI Canbus?


  • Gremsy gimbal doesn't send any infomation thought DJI CanBus, the gimbal just get information from that.