Gremsy AEVO Control Questions

Posted 11 months ago by Olivier Rogoll

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Olivier Rogoll

Dear Gremsy Team,

I have a few questions concerning the control of the gremsy Aevo. I have read the sdk documentation, but those questions still remain.

  1. If we are using an onboard computer which is connected to the Grems AEVO, with which frequency can we get position updates for the gimbal joints? In the documentation an update rate of 1 Hz is described, however that seems to be a bit low
  2. How precise are the angular measurement for the gimbal joint position?
  3. Is it possible to use python (pyMAVlink) to send command and receives data from the gimbal?

Thank you for your time and best regards


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VS posted 3 months ago

DId you ever end up finding out if pymavlink can send and receive from the gimbal?

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