drift on Pan axis in lock mode

Posted over 3 years ago by FRANCESCO PIVA

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we have a problem using PIXU gimbal in LOCK mode. It seems that there is a drift along pan axis even if the gimbal is attached to a surface completely still. What attached one the video in which the situation is described.

thank you

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Ryan Robb posted 11 months ago

Seeing a very similar issue with PIXY SM drift on the roll axis. Initializes just fine then slowly rolls over over 2-3 minutes.

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Wyatt W posted about 2 years ago

Chris, we have not gotten the issue fully addressed yet, but have gotten it to be not as pronounced. We have had several of our engineers work on it and even the sensor manufacturers engineers. Gremsy has been of ZERO help other than saying to calibrate it in their G-tune software, which we had already tried before hand because I figured that's what it was "supposed to do". One of our engineers figured out how to get the creep slowed down quite a bit, but if you have a 30x optical zoom on for asset reconnaissance or are flying a large mapping mission, this is still very much a problem. Wish I had a quick fix for you, I know this is not what you wanted to hear.

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Chris L posted about 2 years ago

Hi, did this issue get resolved? We are seeing the same thing.

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Wyatt W posted over 2 years ago

Francesco, did you ever figure out the solution to your drift problem?

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