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The Gremsy community forums are not a guaranteed support medium. Posting your questions or queries here will not guarantee you a response from a staff member. The forums are meant to supplement support from your distributors . If you require product support regarding the Drone platforms, you should contact the distributor you purchased from.


In any part of the forum, you may:

Contribute constructively to community discussions.

Post constructive suggestions regarding Gremsy products or services.

Support other users in their problems, troubleshooting or questions.

Share modifications, custom builds, and any other ideas for Gremsy products.

In any part of the forum, you are not allowed to:

Post posts made to be intentionally rude or insulting towards another member, or perceived to be made only to disrupt the normal flow of conversation on the forum will not be allowed. Forum staff will decide what is considered to be rude or disruptive.

Cross-post across more than one forum and/or more than one thread with the same post.

Spam (post things that do not contribute to a discussion or are completely out of place in order to increase your post count) or repeatedly bump threads for a response.

Post anything deemed inappropriate for a general internet audience (pornography, for example.

Post or link to anything illegal or post anything that is rendered illegal once posted.

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