How to upgrade/downgrade Gremsy Gimbal firmware?

Posted over 4 years ago by Gremsy Support Team

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Step 1: Install USB Driver

Make sure you installed the Driver for USB before continuing next steps. Refer to : Install Silab USB driver

Step 2: Upgrade/Downgrade firmware:

Before upgrade:

– Download the latest Software version for MAC or Windows if not install yet.    
– Install USB Driver if not installed yet.
– Download the Firmware in Zip format.
– Unzip to get the *.hex file.
– Unplug Remote Receiver (SBUS, JR, …) if it was plugged to gStabi system.
– Connect Gremsy gimbal to your Mac or PC by USB 2.0 A to Mini-B Cable.


During upgrade:

– Power on Gremsy Gimbal System using gPower Pack.
– Run the software and select Upgrade. Click on the Browse

– Choose the .hex file.
Note : The .hex file should not be located under folder with special characters in name : /, ", _ ...e.t.c

– Click on the Upgrade to run uprading process. 

– Your uprading was successfully.

After upgrade:

- Disconnect and connect again to reset the controller.

- The gimbal is ready to use, you can continue to fine tune for getting best performance.

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