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How to tune the Gremsy gimbal?

Adjusting the parameters manually is always the way to bring the best suit for your system. This article will guide you how to get it?

Please make sure that you have perfectly balanced before tuning. Refer to this video for gimbal balancing : 


This is one of most important parameter of gimbal, good parameter will bring to a great footage.

Using you hand to touch on each motors. Start with 20 for each axes and then slowly increase this setting until you feel an oscillation in that motor, then reduce the setting until the oscillation subsides. Make sure there is no vibration when moving the camera in any orientation.

The Stiffness should be : Tilt < Roll < Pan.


The filter is the integration of PID which solve the system noise

Thanks to the algorithm of our engineer, the filter is simplified to few values. Gyro Filter - Output Filter is around :
- Small payload : (1-2), (1-3)
- Large payload : (2-3), (2-4), (3-3).


If “Auto power” is enabled, “Hold strength” will be the minimum power level required for the corresponding axis. The controller will automatically adjust power level from minimum to maximum level depending on the displacement between current angle and commanded angle. For heavy cameras, it’s suggested to increase hold strength for each
axis around 10% than the default value 

If “Auto power” is not selected “Hold strength” will be constant power level provided to the corresponding axis and should be adjusted manually. This option is only recommended for advanced users.

Default Hold Strength ( Tilt/Roll/Pan ) : 

+ H series : 40/40/40 

+ T series : 40/40/40

+ S series : 35/35/40

+ Pixy series : 30/30/35

4. Gain

You should keep it at default 120.

In case the vertical vibration occurs from the system, you can adjust the Gain to reduce it but please note that the gimbal cannot completely reduce this type of vibration. It depends on your system.

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